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Nexus Ops 1st edition
ubarose   September 13, 2018   407   0
Nexus Ops is an Ameritrash game if ever there was one. Bright neon plastic units that practically glow in the dark and a theme not too far removed from Starship Troopers. Move units one space, gather up resources, build a bigger army, smash your units into your enemy and roll to determine the victor. 1st edition by Avalon Hill/Hasbro. 2nd edition by Fantasy Flight Games. Both editions considered by some to be the most garish game ever published. I personally prefer the neon colored monsters in the Avalon Hill version to...
Citadels by Bruno Faidutti
ubarose   September 07, 2018   452   0
Citadels, by Bruno Faidutti , is one of the earliest role selection games. Although we don't have a single review or discussion of it here on the site other than Ken. B's mini review on the game's directory page , I know it is one that many of you have played. Back in the day, it was recommend to new gamers almost as frequently as Lost Cities. So what ever happened to it? It is still in print, so people must still be buying it and playing it. How about you?...
WadeMonnig   September 03, 2018   1034   2
Go to new cities, learn their locations, and mispronounce their names.
Lords of Waterdeep
ubarose   August 31, 2018   596   0
Lords of Waterdeep was declared the most divisive game of 2012 here on the site.   It could also have been called the most written about and discussed game. All the articles we have on it are listed towards the bottom of it's page in our directory here: Lords of Waterdeep   So what do you think? Do you love it or hate it? Do you still play it?
Jackwraith   August 28, 2018   574   0
"Well, Bob, here we are on the verge of another season of rampant violence and mayhem! Let's take a look at all of the leagues and see who's going to come out on top in each one and then in the interleague playoffs leading to the Blood Bowl!"
War of the Ring
ubarose   August 24, 2018   513   0
Last week I got to visit The Eagle & Child pub in Oxford, England, where Tolkien and CS Lewis used to hang out together and ostensibly discuss writing, although I suspect there was some beer dringking going on as well. There was also an awesome Tolkien exhibition in the library, but I totally screwed up and didn't reserve tickets, so I didn't get to see it. Bummer. Anyway, after walking in the foot steps of Tolkien, I'm in the mood for talking War of the Ring. It's a much loved game...
WadeMonnig   August 13, 2018   1059   2
With the “upcoming” (things have always been a little “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” with the release dates of GaleForce 9's products) release of the Doctor Expansion packs for Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks, I reached out to Andrew Haught, designer of the title, to speak to him about the game, expansions, and all things “Whovian.”
Puerto Rico Board Game
ubarose   August 03, 2018   520   0
Puerto Rico, the game that popularized the 'role selection' mechanism, was hugely popular among Eurogamers, and is considered by many to be a classic. Here however, it never got much love. In fact one of our staff writers, Malloc, wrote this blog entitled This Just in...Puerto Rico Sucks Matt Thrower Damned it with faint praise declaring Puerto Rico: Top of it's Class. Shame about the class. So what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Do you Play it?
Elks Lodge Vernon TrashFest NE
repoman   August 01, 2018   605   0
What is it? Boardgaming with awesome people. We call it Trashfest but any and all games are welcome. If you dig it, bring it.  When is it? The weekend of November 9th - 11th.  This is the weekend after Veteran's Day, which falls on a Monday. Vernon is located halfway between Boston and NYC; just a 2 hour drive from either great city.
Jackwraith   July 31, 2018   583   0
A look at four of Columbia's block wargame offerings.
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