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Everything Barney does not watch Five Second Review – The Dark Tower
LK Lady Klis Updated May 12, 2018 3412   0
After Barney beat me to Cars 3, I when to see The Dark Tower. His comment on me going to see this movie was exactly this: “It’s going to be TERRIBLE.” It wasn’t though. As the movie starts, you are reminded how Stephen King’s novel adaptations are – a dark movie with someone “crazy” because they have dreams or visions. Nonetheless, this movie does a fantastic job at keeping you at the edge of your seat the entire hour and a half, except for one cheap trick that gets you entirely out of the movie… I seriously don’t get...
Everything Barney does not watch Five Second Review - Fate of the Furious 8
LK Lady Klis Updated May 12, 2018 5084   0
After Paul Walker "left", I was pretty sure they would stop the Fast and the Furious movies.... but I guess now with Dwayne Johnson the story will go on... I found that this one was different, the story had an interesting twist and it was more "realistic" to a certain extent. There was very plausible use of hacking and technology which was fun to watch, and the villain of this movie was as cold as it gets. They took many elements from the previous movie so it's a good idea to watch it first if you...
The Lego Ninjago Movie - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
BB Black Barney Updated May 12, 2018 3266   0
Having been able to resist bringing 6-year old Emily to The Emoji Movie or Nut Job 2, finally a movie that looks OK enough comes out for kids that I rushed her to the theatre... ...and fell into a deep, deep sleep. I'm really hoping that the people behind these Lego movies see that you can't just throw the same formula at it over and over again. It's not always going to work. It's not awful or anything, it's probably even passable. It is just really nowhere near the quality of the past two Lego movies....
Logan Lucky - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
BB Black Barney Updated May 12, 2018 3879   0
Ocean's 11 with hicks/rednecks? Hey, it's about time we see a smart movie (in this case, a heist one) with people from the South. I thought this was a real treat. I laughed a few times and was consistently surprised by several things going on. Most of which were probably Daniel Craig and Adam Driver's performances as southerners, which I really enjoyed. Katie Holmes was pretty awful though. Also, it's the most you'll ever enjoy someone getting a tetanus shot, "whatever happened to 3,2,1?!" It's just good ol'...
War for the Planet of the Apes - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
BB Black Barney Updated May 12, 2018 3828   0
I'm really mixed up about this movie. I feel super conflicted on how I feel about it. The acting is excellent, visually it's very impressive, the special effects are insane... but the screenplay and editing aren't great which doesn't make it compelling at all. For full disclosure, I didn't see the 2nd one (I did really like the first one), so maybe that's why i have no emotional pull at all to any of the characters. Maybe. I'd like to think rather that it's because too much attention was put to the special effects and not enough to the...
Baby Driver - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
BB Black Barney Updated May 12, 2018 3649   0
Well that was a total blast. Fun to see a movie that puts a smile on your face for much of it, while also having a few moments where I'm in total awe at the masterful art direction and editing. The way they do the rotating camera in most of the scenes with Baby/Deborah, and all the spinning... you can just lose yourself in those scenes, and that's the entire point. They're the dream sequences but they're actually happening. The acting on all sides is really top shelf. Jon Hamm and Jaime Foxx...
Dunkirk - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
BB Black Barney Updated May 12, 2018 3751   0
I grew up on Dunkirk street. I lived in a town where all the street names have some sort of historic significance. All I knew of the event growing up was that it was a large retreat in early WWII. That certainly doesn't mean much on its own, it's hard to understand or fathom the logistics in moving 400k men off a beach that has only one pier large enough to dock ships. Christopher Nolan has succeeded in doing something very special here, making you not only understand these things but feel what it was like...
The Big Sick - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
BB Black Barney Updated May 12, 2018 3425   0
An actual funny and deep rom-com? Can it be? Honestly, i don't think it can qualify as a romance as much as a drama. A comedic drama. I lol'd several times and all the initial scenes with Kumail's family are fantastic. There's ton of real-ness and heartfelt-ism (I'm making up words today apparently) in this. There were times that this was yanking the emotions right out of me with crafty ease. I laughed, I cried, I was rooting for Kumail and even knowing how it turns out didn't take away at all from the movie. ...
Cars 3 - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
BB Black Barney Updated May 12, 2018 2441   0
As average as average gets. My 6-yr old, Emily, really liked it and wants to see it again. So the movie is a success on that front, but I'll let her grandmother take her the second time, I don't think I want to go through that again. This is my first foray into the Cars franchise (probably because i have no boys), so maybe I would have warmed up to the movie had I been previously exposed to these characters before. I don't think it would make that much of a difference. So...
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
BB Black Barney Updated May 12, 2018 4121   0
Really fun for a movie basically about toilet humour. I took 6-yr old Emily to see this on Sunday and it was a big hit (she wants to see it again). Being a super hot day, the air conditioning knocked me out for the first half of the movie but it was pretty easy to catch back up once my eyes opened. I think this movie had my favourite cartoon villain i've seen in a very long time. He stole every scene he was in thanks almost entirely to a great voice performance...
224 results - showing 51 - 60
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