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Babes, bikes, and Terminators riding dinosaurs. Uh...and also, movie and music reviews and discussion--including who the ugly dude that serves as Barnes' avatar is--can also be found here. And sharks. Sharks with frickin' laser beams.

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Fortress of Horror 04 - A Nightmare on Elm Street
JL Josh Look Updated October 06, 2015 3260   0
Introducing Johnny Depp. I think it's safe to say that I share a birthday with A Nightmare on Elm Street. I was only two days ahead of it, close enough in my book. Going back to where I can remember things clearly and vividly, I was aware of Freddy Krueger. On my way to the Real Ghostbusters toys at the local department stores, Freddy was there. On the posters announcing the new arrivals at the video store, Freddy was there. Running the streets the first time I remember going...
Fortress of Horror 03 - Friday the 13th Parts 1-4
JL Josh Look Updated October 01, 2015 3237   0
Ki ki ma ma  
Engineer Al's Sci-Fi Library: Samuel R. Delany
EA engineer Al Updated April 24, 2018 6340   0
Engineer Al shares his love of Sci-Fi literature.
Fortress of Horror 02 - The Babadook
JL Josh Look Updated October 01, 2015 4354   0
Ba ba...DOOK DOOK DOOOOOUUUUHHHHK I can count on one hand the number of horror movies made in the last 15 years (though it's probably more than that) that I actually like. After watching The Babadook, that count is still going on one hand though it is one higher. This is a movie about a widow, Amelia, and her deeply trouble son, Samuel. The kid has nightmares, is aggressive, and generally not well liked by anyone around him other than his mother. The film does a fantastic job of...
Fortress of Horror 01 - The Monster Squad
JL Josh Look Updated September 25, 2015 3765   0
Everything you always wanted to know about werewolves but were always afraid to ask... I grew up on the Universal Monsters. While the other boys on my street were talking up Jason and Freddy, I was tuning into AMC every Saturday afternoon to watch the black and white classics. Eventually it seemed like I had seen them all. So on one Friday afternoon sometime in the early 90s, my dad, brother and I went down to the video store in search of anything to watch besides Dracula for the 40th time....
Halloween Fortress of Horror 01 - Things That Scared Me as a Kid
JL Josh Look Updated September 03, 2015 1648   0
I love Halloween. Not the overprotected, sterile thing it's become for kids and certainly not the excuse to get drunk and dress "sexy" that it means for many adults, but the memory of Halloween from my youth and the event I've made of it in recent years. I'll carve several pumpkins up, decorate the house with as much spooky shit that I can find, and indulge in copious amounts of horror movies and Count Chocula. I'm sharing my excitement over the season this year with the Fort, largely taking a look which horror movies I'm watching,...
Viktoria Modesta
MD MacDirk Diggler Updated August 26, 2015 3510   0
After reading Mad Dog's article about eye-patches I was inspired to come up with another obvious category. Throwing back a nod to Ancient of Mumu with the calendar concept.... or a top 10. My criteria used to winnow it down to a dozen was... movie or TV but no anime/cartoon/comic... only humans. It's not so much about the character as it is about the body part... has to be cool and preferably it has uses beyond what nature intended. Many of the characters in this article have gone on to become memes and have been mocked, copied, or otherwise...
Bolt Thrower: XCOM TBG, Steam Sale, Witcher 3
M MattDP Updated September 20, 2016 3204   0
My Gamerati series is actually running a bit ahead of my columns here, so this week you get another one! This time it’s deconstructing XCOM: The Board Game.
Southern Fried Gameroom Expo
MB Michael Barnes Updated June 22, 2015 4882   0
Inside a new Atlanta video game and pinball convention.
Bolt Thrower: Gears of War: TBG, Bloodborne, Witcher 3
M MattDP Updated September 20, 2016 3112   0
Welcome to Bolt Thrower, the gaming column that blows your head off. If you’re new to the format, here’s the deal: I link something I’ve written elsewhere and then pontificate a bit on what I’m playing right now that’s not in the review queue.
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