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Babes, bikes, and Terminators riding dinosaurs. Uh...and also, movie and music reviews and discussion--including who the ugly dude that serves as Barnes' avatar is--can also be found here. And sharks. Sharks with frickin' laser beams.

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Engineer Al's Sci-Fi Library: Jack Vance
EA engineer Al Updated April 24, 2018 4998   0
Engineer Al shares his love of Sci-Fi literature.
Bolt Thrower: Legion of Honour, Dark Souls
M MattDP Updated April 12, 2015 4075   0
Bit of a different format this time. After months of trying, I realised that the usual breakdown of my cultural activities was of interest to no-one. Plus I'm not really at my best talking about films and books. So when I do this from now on you'll get one linked board game review and one in-depth look at something else nerd-related. Probably a video game most of the time. Board Games The last thing I looked at for Shut Up & Sit Down has to rank as one of the most unusual. Legion...
Engineer Al's Sci-Fi Library: Lin Carter
EA engineer Al Updated April 24, 2018 5645   0
Engineer Al shares his love of sci-fi literature.
XCOM Boardgame
M MattDP Updated February 26, 2015 3960   0
There's no wargame review on SU&SD this time. Instead I got to review a board game for a video game site: XCOM on Pocketgamer to be precise. It's an odd review because I tried to focus on the things that would be of most interest to mobile gamers: the app, and how much it resembles the XCOM video game.
BB Black Barney Updated February 18, 2015 3579   0
This year I thought I’d try to jump the gun on Oscar and release my best movies of the year article before the Academy Awards are announced. It always feels a little cheap when my number one movie of the year happens to land the Best Picture golden statue. 2014 was a decent year for movies. I saw some excellent films, very few bad ones and the ones that I would say are mediocre were far better than the mediocrity of past years.
Engineer Al's Sci-Fi Library: Theodore Sturgeon
EA engineer Al Updated April 24, 2018 6103   0
Engineer Al shares his love of sci-fi literature.
Engineer Al's Sci-Fi Library: Larry Niven
EA engineer Al Updated April 24, 2018 29861   0
Engineer Al shares his love of Science Fiction literature.
Bolt Thrower #x: Fire in the Lake, Horror Films, Horror Games, Batman, Gothic Rock
M MattDP Updated January 28, 2015 4288   0
Board Games My latest review up on SU&SD is Fire in the Lake. It took me on quite a personal journey, from thinking that Vietnam was the last gasp of traditional regular warfare to the understanding it was more the first irregular engagement of the modern age, complete with corrupt regime, terrorists and all. As a game, it's an impressive combination of strategy and history. But there's a lot of inertia there in terms of learning the rules, getting to grips with all the moving parts, and sitting through the play time. It's a minimum of...
Bolt Thrower: Race to the Rhine, Wayward Souls, Spider Man, Young Wonder
M MattDP Updated January 28, 2015 3869   0
It's been a little while, but I'm back with another wargame review for Shut Up & Sit Down. Except it isn't a wargame at all. I'm looking at Euro-in-wargame's clothes Race to the Rhine. Except it isn't a typical model Euro at all. The way it's structured makes it look like a race game, but it can be viciously cut-throat. It encourages players to hoard supplies needed by other generals, snip off each other's best routes and use the Nazis to cut supply lines. The result is an interesting and unique game. It...
Bolt Thrower #1 - Introductory Wargames, Byzantium, FTL. Vampire Weekend
M MattDP Updated January 28, 2015 3509   0
Let's Bolt some Throws! What a great way to quickly enliven old, tired furniature. Board Games Rather than an actual SU&SD review this time, I wrote an article that the community over there kept asking me to write, which was a guide to introductory wargames. While there's obviously lots of games mentioned, I deliberately steered clear of naming a particular favourite, or a ranked list because I wanted to make the point that the best introductory wargame for any given person depends on the sorts of games and the sort...
154 results - showing 41 - 50
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