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Blood Bowl Team Manager Season Preview
Analysis J Jackwraith Updated August 29, 2018 978   0
"Well, Bob, here we are on the verge of another season of rampant violence and mayhem! Let's take a look at all of the leagues and see who's going to come out on top in each one and then in the interleague playoffs leading to the Blood Bowl!"
War of the Ring
Rants & Raves U ubarose Updated August 24, 2018 811   0
Last week I got to visit The Eagle & Child pub in Oxford, England, where Tolkien and CS Lewis used to hang out together and ostensibly discuss writing, although I suspect there was some beer dringking going on as well. There was also an awesome Tolkien exhibition in the library, but I totally screwed up and didn't reserve tickets, so I didn't get to see it. Bummer. Anyway, after walking in the foot steps of Tolkien, I'm in the mood for talking War of the Ring. It's a much loved game...
Interview with Andrew Haught: Designer of Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks
Interviews W WadeMonnig Updated August 14, 2018 1645   2
With the “upcoming” (things have always been a little “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” with the release dates of GaleForce 9's products) release of the Doctor Expansion packs for Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks, I reached out to Andrew Haught, designer of the title, to speak to him about the game, expansions, and all things “Whovian.”
Puerto Rico Board Game
Rants & Raves U ubarose Updated August 03, 2018 756   0
Puerto Rico, the game that popularized the 'role selection' mechanism, was hugely popular among Eurogamers, and is considered by many to be a classic. Here however, it never got much love. In fact one of our staff writers, Malloc, wrote this blog entitled This Just in...Puerto Rico Sucks Matt Thrower Damned it with faint praise declaring Puerto Rico: Top of it's Class. Shame about the class. So what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Do you Play it?
Elks Lodge Vernon TrashFest NE
Gaming Scene R repoman Updated August 01, 2018 1376   0
What is it? Boardgaming with awesome people. We call it Trashfest but any and all games are welcome. If you dig it, bring it.  When is it? The weekend of November 9th - 11th.  This is the weekend after Veteran's Day, which falls on a Monday. Vernon is located halfway between Boston and NYC; just a 2 hour drive from either great city.
A Comparison Guide to Four Favorite Columbia Block Games
Analysis J Jackwraith Updated August 01, 2018 1003   0
A look at four of Columbia's block wargame offerings.
Runebound 3rd edition
Rants & Raves U ubarose Updated July 27, 2018 955   0
Runebound is on it's 3rd Edition. I've never played the first edition, but have been told that it was a hot mess. Some people would argue that Runebound 2nd Edition was also a hot mess, while for others it is a much loved favorite adventure game. And then there is Runebound 3rd Edition which one of reviews declared was "sheer brilliance." No one had much to say in response to that. Literally, the Runebound Third Edition Review has been read over two thousand times, without a single comment. Therefore I was rather surprised when a passionate...
Game Ratings
Rants & Raves X xthexlo Updated July 26, 2018 991   0
What does rating games really mean?
dominion card game
Rants & Raves U ubarose Updated July 24, 2018 839   0
Dominion, winner of the 'Spiel des Jahres in 2009, is the game that launched a thousand ... other games sort of just like it, but different. Ken B. declared that Dominion was "Good shit!" However, other members of our site soon declared it boring. Before too long our reviewers where telling us that one of the many deck builders that quickly followed, such as Ascension and Artic Scavengers, were better than Dominion. So what do you think? Do you still play Dominion? Do you play other deck builders?...
Descent 2nd Edition
Rants & Raves U ubarose Updated July 24, 2018 981   0
Ten years ago Descent: Journeys in the Dark was THE dungeon crawl. "Odds are you've heard of it as it slammed itself onto many tables as a massive box full of plastic bits and tiles, came with a tweaked version of the Doom dice system and was almost a really nice minis system. ...except that the scenarios REALLY, REALLY sucked...You know, Descent really pretty much sucks." - Frank Branham Fantasy Flight Games rebooted the game...
688 results - showing 31 - 40
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