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Movable Type Board Game Review
Board Game Reviews W WadeMonnig Updated December 01, 2018 726   2
Are you sure that is spelled right? You could get another point if you added an “E.”
Assault of the Giants: Lost In the Crowd.
Analysis J Jackwraith Updated November 20, 2018 828   0
Assault of the Giants is a solid game based on a well-known IP. Why wasn't it more popular?
Toad Hell
Site News MB Michael Barnes Updated November 20, 2018 593   0
Our most blasphemous and transgressive holiday tradition returns in its 8th year.
Carta Impera Victoria Review
Board Game Reviews A AndrewMcAlpine Updated November 18, 2018 732   0
It's the beginning of the world as we know it.
Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress
Board Game Reviews MB Michael Barnes Updated November 15, 2018 6230   0
A Rogue Trader, a Ministorium Priest, an Aeldari Ranger, and a Kroot Tracker walk into a Blackstone Fortress...
Free Solo - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
Movies and Television BB Black Barney Updated November 14, 2018 456   0
Really glad I saw this on the big screen as the cinematography is amazing. This movie was clearly shot by seasoned rock-climbers. If you have a single drop of vertigo in your body, you will feel it in this one. Also glad I knew nothing about this free solo rock climber beforehand and I'd strongly recommend not reading up on it before seeing the film. One sound bite that you hear one-third into the film that haunts you for pretty much the rest of it was, "none of the well-known free solo climbers are alive." So...
It Came From the Tabletop! - Star Trek: Ascendancy and Civilization: A New Dawn
Podcasts JL Josh Look Updated November 13, 2018 812   1

Podcast Details

Star Trek: Ascendancy and Civilization: A New Dawn
Star Trek: Ascendancy, Civilization: A New Dawn, Trashfest Northeast 2018

As Josh and Al recover from a busy weekend of playing games, they talk about two of their favorite empire building/4X games.
The Quest for El Dorado: Heroes and Hexes Expansion
NEW and Upcoming Games U ubarose Updated November 13, 2018 605   0
The Quest for El Dorado: Heroes & Hexes includes three new double-sided terrain tiles that add a new element to the game: curses. When a player stops on a demon space, they must draw and reveal a curse token to see how they're affected. Maybe they have to discard certain cards before they can travel on a particular type of terrain, or perhaps other explorers will move while the cursed one is paralyzed, or maybe you'll be afflicted by a demon, specifically a demon card that's shuffled into your deck and does nothing but frustrate you or get transformed...
Shadow Strike Melee Board Game Review
Board Game Reviews W WadeMonnig Updated November 19, 2018 729   2
I googled Ninja Jokes and it told me none could be found. Well played, ninjas, well played.
FlickFleet Review
Board Game Reviews M MattDP Updated November 11, 2018 1362   0
An observer would have seen nothing but a brief blur around the ship, but the Uprising Destroyer "Resistance" had gone to battle stations. Shields up, the captain then gave orders to activate the defence grid ready for firing. Everything seemed to be going fine until the Resistance fired engines to manoeuvre into position. It slid across space, spinning wildly, before coming to rest in the opposite direction.
4087 results - showing 51 - 60
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