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10 Best Snake Games for Android and iOS in 2023 

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10 Best Snake Games for Android and iOS in 2023 
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Do you remember playing snake games on your Nokia phone? We bet you might have played it at least once in your lifetime. Earlier, we used to play it to kill time and gradually it became one of the largely played mobile games of all time. With the advent of technology and rising online gaming platforms, snake games are available on both Android and iOS platforms. People across the globe can access these games with just a few clicks and seamless data connectivity.  

If you want to know about the popular snake games in 2023, here is the guide for you! Whether you are a snake game development company or a player; these snake games offer plentiful benefits to all. Want to know about their immersive features and elements that make them quite unique and differentiated? In this article, we will define the 10 best snake games for Android and iOS that are revamping the entire board game industry as a whole. 

List of Top 10 Snake Games for Android and iOS in 2023

Develop your own snake & ladder game app with the help of a board game development company. Make sure to check out this list of top 10 snake games to play and take inspiration from. 

Being one of the most interactive and immersive online snake games to play, offers users a lot of vibrant and attractive snakes to choose from for engaging gameplay. All you need to do is track the speed of the snake and make your chosen snake large by eating other snakes who try to do the same. It is a free app available on both iOS and Android gaming platforms. You can unlock a competitive edge by attacking other snakes. 

Download Android| iOS 

Snake Rivals

Being a fun and 3D multiplayer snake game, Snake Rivals can be played on a smartphone. It works exactly like other snake games, but it has a visually-appealing and interactive interface and background which sets a base for attractive gameplay. It is popular among gamers for its immersive features and perks that entice players to come back to the platform again and again. 

Download Snake Rivals: Android| iOS 

If you want to explore the uniqueness of online snake games, try! It is one of the best snake game apps for Android and iOS platforms, offering players a highly engaging gameplay experience. All you need to do as a player is to avoid touching the head of another snake to remain in the game, otherwise your snake will explode and the game will end. If other snakes touch your snake, they will explode and you can eat them out to win. 

Download Android| iOS 

Snake ‘97 

Established in the year 1997, this gaming platform caught the interest of many gamers worldwide. You can play this game on both Android and iOS platforms. It brings back the nostalgic vibes of when people used to play this game on keypad mobile phones. The remake version offers an immersive gameplay experience to snake game players. 

Download Snake ‘97: Android| iOS is one of the most popular snake games which offers the maximum customization opportunities for an enhanced gameplay experience. The major trick is to encircle other players’ snakes to trick them into a trap where there is no chance to escape but collide. This will help you win this snake game. 

Download Android| iOS 

Snake Fun 

It works exactly the same way as other snake games wherein you need to survive until you collide with other big snakes. You need to be careful when you eat food and grow bigger, otherwise, you will lose the chance to be the winner after the collision. It offers different types of modes like playing online, with friends and multiplayer. 

Download Snake Fun: Android| iOS 

Snake Off 

Just like other popular snake games, this also works on the same concept of surviving while avoiding collision with other snakes on the screen. But here you have to eat colourful dots instead of food to grow bigger. 

Download Snake Off Android| iOS 

Snake Candy 

As the name suggests, Snake Candy is a type of board game that allows players to eat as many as candies they want to grow bigger and win. This snake game app's rules are quite different as it doesn’t allow players to bump into the sides of the other snakes. If you reach the sides of other snakes, you will lose the battle. 

Download Snake Candy: Android| iOS 

Little Big Snake 

The mechanic of this popular snake game app is quite simple; all you need to do is consume fruits to go bigger while avoiding all the obstacles and touching the skin of other snakes. You can also destroy the existence of other snakes and consume their energy to become bigger. 

Download Little Big Snake: Android| iOS 

Snake And Apples 

As a player of this snake game app, you need to grow bigger and avoid obstacles such as bumps, rocks, stumps and much more. It features visually-realistic graphics and visual elements that enhance the user gameplay experience to multiple times. 

Download Snake And Apples: Android| iOS 

Final Words 

Snake games are worth playing when it comes to online board games. These platforms not only enhance the gameplay skills of the players but also increase their experience multiple times. By now you might have got the insights about the top 10 snakes game apps for Android and iOS. If you want to launch your own online snake game, make sure to take help from an experienced board game developer. 

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