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  • Finally played TITAN again and realized a very cool fact about the game

Finally played TITAN again and realized a very cool fact about the game

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We played a game of Titan today and it was a blast. It was a 2 player game with my gf and the best was that even though we spent 5 hours playing and didn't even finish (I tried to warn her that would happen if we played out every battle which we did) she really enjoyed the game.

At first we mustered some monsters and I managed to attack her Titan legion with my angel one. In the end I left her with a weakened Titan that I was hoping to finish in a couple of turns but I made a big mistake: I had moved my big Titan legion close, for the kill, without realizing I was putting it at a spot where I was going to be forced to move to the outer ring and to the opposite direction of where her Titan was... big oops!!

That meant the game got much longer than needed... After that she managed to recruit and strengthen her Titan legion. Meanwhile she was chasing my Titan legion and eventually managed to attack it after some other battles between the other legions. The last battle left my Titan alone with an angel (I barely won after she was pretty lucky with her rolls as I expected to at least have a couple creatures remaining). So now I'm left with a stronger Titan but in a weak legion (have to get to a Tower ASAP) but my gf has a weaker Titan with a stronger Legion.

What we realized at that point was that it is very easy to pack the game in such a way that we can continue it at some other point. We bagged each legion individually (there were just 5 of them) and took notes of their positions and scores. I was at 222 and she at 98. We plan on continuing the game later this week. As we had decided before starting that we would be allowed to take notes of what we knew about the opponent's legions (I don't like having to rely on memory and didn't want that element to punish both of us) those notes will help when we play the next session. In a way it's like a mixture of a F2F and a PBEM game... This is great because it will increase the chances of this game getting played by us :D

So this basically means we can approach a game of Titan like kind of a campaign, where we can split a game in more than one session if needed. Of course, I expect this need to be greatly reduced as we both get better at the game, because a 2 player game should be much shorter if both players know the game better and not every battle is fought. We also wasted quite a lot of time with rules referencing as it's been quite a long time since we last played and this was just the 2 game for us...

Anyway, I'm happy we finally got to play the game and even more because it looks like we'll be playing it in the future :)

There Will Be Games
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