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There Will Be Games

Thank god. The XMas rush is mostly over.  I'm down to close to normal sales numbers, which is great since it means our taper off was vastly lower than this time last year.  It is also bad because I had planned for a taper off earlier and dropped my re-order rates. Which means I'm out of a LOT of 'classic' and 'bestseller' games well before I should be like Carcassonne.  In fact, even with going down once a week, we were still missing the mark on stock numbers on a regular basis this XMas.

Unfortunately, that still doesn't affect our 'Boxing Day' sale numbers too much since the games that go on there are generally games that didn't sell anyway. Bah.

A small blog post on company direction, damaged goods and shipments also went up today. Still have to finish BGN's articles as well. 

There Will Be Games
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