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A month ago I asked my fellow F:ATties to list their top five favorite Ameritrash games. Nearly 70 members responded and even though this information is completely useless to everyone its somehow still interesting to see. Let's start with the top 9 games since top ten is so cliche.

Arkham Horror = 32

Battlestar Galactica = 27

Cosmic Encounter = 24

Space Hulk = 17

Fury Of Dracula = 15

War Of The Ring
= 14

Twilight Imperium 3rd = 13

Talisman = 12

= 11

No real surprises there to anyone who spends enough time on this website. The top three are far above everything below them. One interesting note is that half of the listed games are based on literary references and its also a fair mix of older games (including reprints) and more recent releases. If I were to do an Ameritrash Hall Of Fame this is the list I'd start it with. Now onto some of the remainders, which include several ties.

Descent: Journeys In The Dark = 9

Titan = 9

DungeonQuest = 8

Last Night On Earth = 8

StarCraft: The Board Game = 8

Chaos In The Old World = 7

Blood Bowl = 6

Tales Of The Arabian Nights = 6

A Game Of Thrones = 5

Magic Realm = 5

Marvel Heroes = 5

Nexus Ops = 5

Runebound = 5

Again we have a few popular AT games based on literary references. Someone should do an article on this phenomena. Ameritrash games really are the genre to go for if you're looking for a sense of story progression in your board games. Of course coming in at the bottom there is infamous Trashdome loser Runebound. StarCraft was a bit surprising to me as I knew people liked it but didn't realize so many considered it a favorite. So what's left? Well if you don't account for the different variations the game of Risk got 5 mentions. Axis & Allies, Heroscape, Tide Of Iron, Warrior Knights, and the better Star Wars games (Queen's Gambit and Epic Duels) were all popular. Fortress: America and Samurai Swords barely got mentioned despite formerly being considered Ameritrash staples. That's pretty much it. I recommend people keep their lists updated so I can do this again sometime. I predict Cutthroat Caverns will get more mentions as well as Runewars once its gotten around more. 

There Will Be Games
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