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Atlanta Averyfest 2010

GS Updated
There Will Be Games

Went down to Atlanta this weekend.  I'll echo most of the stuff that everyone said in the dedicated thread.  Averyfest was a total riot.  Probably put this up as a blog post too.  I won't go down all the games I played because they're similar to everyone else's in the thread.  Steve "Droid Factory" Avery is awesome, Richard Launius is a complete gentleman and Dan Baden is a bastard.  Atlanta gaming is pretty awesome, you have plenty of Euro weenies but your selection of other characters is great.  Wish I had something close to it in my city.  My gaming life would be infinitely more fun.  I will mention the highlight games though.

Thursday, Richard's place

--Played 6 man Cutthroat Caverns with Richard teaching.  I was winning through much of it and was playing well.  But then people started making sure I got beat on by the monsters, and, on the last monster, I was tragically murdered when someone refused to kill whatever monster we were fighting.  It rammed its sword up my ass or something.  I was squarely in the lead too!  Great game, could never play it around here though with my local players.

--Wrasslin' later Friday with Billy, Avery and someone else who had a sweet biker beard.  Classic, classic first tag team game.  Avery is "Big Ben" (Ultimate Warrior) and gets chopped by Billy's character.  Avery then puts Billy in a Bear Hug and unceremoniously bear hugs him for the next 10 rounds to win the match.  Billy could not act.  I was cracking up hypothetically imagining how the crowd would react to the worst wrestling match of all time that the game represented.
Friday at Richard's clubhouse

--Magical Athlete.  Avery, BillyZ, Paul, the biggest Shadow Hunters fan in the world and someone else team up to play.  We have a riot of the game and in particular have this amazing last race with the Witch forcing everyone to rest, somebody else pulling everyone to them every turn and some other power slowing us all down.  Came down to the last die roll for 3 of us.  Really awesome game.  Much cheering and whatnot.

--Epic Mare Nostrum.  Kenyon, Rob, Paul (Merkles), Avery and I teamed up with a douche to play Mare Nostrum.  Mare Nostrum featured a classic AT blowup by Will.  Robartin and Avery (rightly, in my opinion) cut Egypt down to size in the second turn and Will completely lost his shit, almost going over to punch Rob Martin the face and threatening multiple times to quit the game.  He repeatedly told us he would never game with Rob again.

Game was hurt by douchbaggery on the guy other side of the table (I was Babylon) from Atlantis, who consistently took 0 trades and dragged the game on *forever* as a result.  He won but that was because of horrible Merkles rolling and game fatigue from all involved.  I'm surprised whoever was at his end of the table isn't right now dying of the TB or whatever he had which caused him to cough for the entire 4 hours we played.

--War on Terror.  Avery, Aarontu, his wife, Robartin, someone else who escapes me and I played.  Classic moment: Aaron has clearly drawn a nuke and attempts the most passive, pathetic attempt at extortion I have ever seen from the remaining Empire players.  "I would like some money, please."  I flip him a 5 mil (smallest denomination) insultingly and Avery goes even farther.  He holds out a 5 million dollar bill and forces Aaron to lean all the way over the table to get it before pulling his hand back and yelling "sucker!" like a grade A asshole.  Aaron then proceeds to nuke three of us and almost win the game before he has to leave and it becomes clear that the Terrorists 1 billion plus dollars will win them the game.


--Descent with Will, Dan and Avery and some kid.  Nothing super special about this one, Will's set is just incredibly awesome and well painted and he is a great overlord/dungeon master for the game because he does all the accounting work for you.

--I'm the Boss.  This was *the* game of the trip for me.  I think Avery and BillyZ have pictures of me on the ground, pounding the wall in despair, after the game.  Dan extorted me in the middle of the game right before a deal went through for one million dollars (tiny sum).  Avery looks at me and says "He's fucking bluffing you.  Don't let him do that shit.  If you lose the game by 1 million dollars, you will forever be known as Dan Baden's bitch."
45 minutes later we are counting up our money.  I have 39 million. He has 40 million.  Dan then also informs me that it was in fact a bluff and Billy confirms, having seen the card he was waving around.


Sunday, Swamp Castle

--Galaxy Trucker.  Galaxy Trucker is just a riot all the way around.  I consistently made ships that had almost nothing left on them but were one card away from limping into the dock before being slaved.

Great times.  Thanks to Avery, Richard, Frank, Dan and whoever organized the Mercer event for giving me probably my best gaming experience ever.

There Will Be Games
Steve M. "Gary Sax" (He/Him)
Community Manager

Steve is an academic in Arizona and Texas that spends his off-time playing board games and hiking. He cut his teeth on wargames and ameritrash before later also developing an odd love of worker placement and heavier economic games. You can also find him on instagram at steve_boardgamesfeed.

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