An Ameritrash Evening

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There Will Be Games

After being kicked out of the house by the wife who wanted time alone to study, I went and spent the next 3 hours playing board games.  Specifically, Thunderstone then Warhammer : Invasion.  With random talks about the latest action movies (Iron Man 2 good) and running a game store (one of the players was thinking of doing s0 himself in a few years).

So, I just traded for Thunderstone and was quite excited at the idea of trying it out.  First impressions - I like.  It's a tad slow; but that might just be because we messed up a few rules that slowed the game down.  The constant calculations is a bit annoying, but you learn it pretty fast.  It'd have preferred better iconography (like say Arctic Scavengers) but the theme was a ton of fun; and the gameplay was quite good.  Rounds went nearly as fast as Dominion - except when you started trying to figure out negatives to light and strength.  Then things slowed down.  It didn't help that we were fighting the Spirits and Undead Knights, forcing us to calculate that in nearly every battle.   I'm definitely looking forward to trying this out again.

Warhammer : Invasion was another blast.  With one of our players calling it quits, there were just two of us, which made Invasion perfect.  I like it - it fixes a lot of issues that occurs in Magic very well, while adding a ton of strategy.  It was also pretty easy to learn, so we didn't spend much time with that either.

In fact, the only major hindrance to the game is the fact that you almost need to do deck-building to get the most fun out of it.  And I just don't know if I have the time do it... so that game continues to sit on my 'might buy' pile.

Now, I just need to get Runewars, Horus Heresy and Age of Conan on the table (i.e. find someone who has those games) and I'll have ticked off most of the Ameritrash games I'd love to try.

There Will Be Games
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