WBC: When you gotta eat. A restaurant guide.

WBC: When you gotta eat. A restaurant guide.

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Like some people do with smoke breaks, I use eating at WBC primarily as a way of getting something necessary done while at the same time decompressing and spending time away from the crowds.  I ate with a group at the end of the convention  mostly to catch up with a guy I didn't get to talk to much.

Here is a list of places very close to (or even in) the Lancaster Host (the convention hotel).  All of the places I went were right off of Lincoln Avenue, the street the hotel is on.  All restaurants close at 10 PM except for a select few.

The Lancaster Host/Vista Restaurant:  If I needed something quick, I grabbed a pretzel for $1.25.  At some point, you may just have to eat at the Host.  One morning when I was feeling so much pain I could barely walk, I grabbed scrambles eggs hash browns and bacon for nine bucks.  If you HAVE to get something at the hotel, I recommend getting a burger at the Vista.  A bacon cheeseburger and fries costs about 8 bucks and is truly amazing.  There is one problem:  you sometimes have to jump through hoops to  order.  The hotel decided not to allow carry out orders during the time they served their catered food to us convention goer.  I just went across the street.

Late night dining:  Sonic is open until midnight, and there is an all night Waffle House.  I haven't been to the all night diner (Jennies) yet.

Just a jump to the right:  There is a Texas Steakhouse, the Jasmine and Olive Bistro, an Italian place and a Fudruckers within walking distance.  I went for steak once and sushi twice (once out of being denied a Vista cheesburger).  Texas Steakhouse :  If you can stand gaudy western motifs, line dancing and a possible wait, the food more than makes up.  I got a shrimp skewer, 14 oz sirloin salad and drink for about 25 bucks including tip.  Jasmine and Olive:  the sushi is OK for the price you would expect, and the decor is old on the outside, very new and fung-shui on the inside.  the wait staff was very polite, and almost over apologetic.  They deliver to the Host, and they have vegetarian sushi as well.

And a hike to the left: Other than Sonic, I wouldn't recommend walking anywhere on the left side.  There were a few places (Arby's and a family style place) that were closed for reservations.  Tony Wang's  is about a five minute drive.  Apparently Tony Wang is a celebrity:  Arlo Guthrie ate at his restaurant.   This is the type of place whre the owner greets you and there are signed pictures of entertainers you have actually heard of.  Their lunch specials are very reasonably priced.  Although I almost always order the unavailable Orange Chicken, the General Tso's chicken was superb.  I think the bill was about 20 bucks with tip.  Right next door is Poppy's; I'm not too impressed to be honest.  There food is a little above the Host, but enough to where I would drive there.

The Lemon Grass was an OK Thai place I found as well.  I typically judge a Thai place by it's Pad Thai.  Even though I wasn't too impressed by that, I have to try some of the stuff Matt Loter ate there; it smelled amazing.  Lemon Grass is another vegetarian possibility.

On my way out of the convention, I ate at Miller's, it's OK.  I only went to hang out with someone I know; I'm not a huge fan of buffet.  On my way out of Miller's, I was able to snag an elephant figurine for my wife who collects such trinkets.

I was stuck on Route 30 for a while, and I got a Philly Cheese sandwich for the road at this little dive.  Of course, it's the best damn Philly Cheese I've had in a while, but I forgot the name.  It's about three or four miles past Miller's going east.

If anyone has any other suggestions for next year, I'd love to try some new places.




WBC: When you gotta eat. A restaurant guide. There Will Be Games
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