Death Angel Mission Report: Operation Z-Man

Death Angel Mission Report: Operation Z-Man


Death Angel mission report:

 Mission roster:

 blue combat team (Zev Shlasinger, of Z-Man Games)

Sergeant Lorenzo and Brother Deino

 red combat team (“Barbwire” Bob, owner of Source Games & Comics, the finest game/comic shop this side of Chicago)

Brother Leon and Brother Valencio

 yellow combat team (Mike “Shellhead” Miller, F:AT regular)

Brother Claudio and Brother Goriel

 gray combat team  (Jason, a local gamer)

Lexicanium Calistarius and Brother Scipio

 green combat team (Carl, a local gamer)

Sergeant Gideon and Brother Noctis

The mission started out well. We cleared the Void Lock without any losses, and killed five of the seven Genestealers that attempted to pursue us into the Wreckage Labyrinth. In that wretched maze of debris, our formation fell into some disarray, as we initially failed to secure the parameter and cover each entrance to the area. The creatures clawed and scratched to no avail, as we sent them to screeching deaths under the relentless hail of our Stormbolters. That said, Brothers Leon and Valencio would have done well to have spent more time at the target practice range.

We proceeded to the Teleportarium, moving with grave determination towards the control panel. Though not all of our men were prepared when the teleportation device was activated, we all made an efficient exit, though with several of the Xenos in pursuit.

 Abruptly, we found ourselves in a Hibernation Cluster that was teeming with the horrors. As wave after wave of Genestealer crashed upon the rocky shore of our crimson armor, one of our number fell silent forever. If only Brother Valencio had properly trained for this mission. Then the foul monsters cleverly flanked us, as more and more of their number arrived. In single bloody moment, four more Death Angels died, including Brother Leon of the Assault Cannon, Sergeant Gideon of the Thunder Hammer, Brother Claudio of the twin Lightning Claws, and clever Brother Deino.

 Humbled by cruel fate, five of us arrived at our mission target, the Toxin Pumping Station. We were tasked with flushing this Space Hulk with a torrent of poison, slaying the Xenos like the vermin that they are. Deadly vermin. The situation rapidly turned dire, as a particularly large and evasive swarm of Genestealers picked us off, one by one. Calistarius held them off as best he could with psionic forcefields, while Sergeant Lorenzo drove them back with his flashing blade. Brother Noctis blazed away with his Stormbolter like one possessed by Khorne. And yet we fell, man by man.

 And then there was one, our mission leader, Sergeant Lorenzo. He drove many of the creatures back, but they regrouped into a pack of ten, all hurtling forward with gleaming claws. And yet… they fell, one by one, screaming and writhing, beneath Lorenzo’s ruthless Power Sword strikes. Parry and riposte, parry and riposte, and each creature died. But four more arrived, flanking him two on either side, poised to strike him dead, as he panted with exhaustion.

 In rushed Brother Deino, left for dead back in the Hibernation Cluster. It seems that Deino recalled that we had left behind a small canister of Promethium. He sacrificed himself in a holy Blaze of Glory, as Sergeant Lorenzo made short work of the last two. Once again, the Death Angels, the Terminators, brought glory to the name of the Imperium of Man.

--final report from a dying Brother Goriel

Death Angel Mission Report: Operation Z-Man There Will Be Games
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