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There Will Be Games

Zev arrived yesterday around 11. Atlanta is huge airport but all the gates emerge at one chokepoint for baggage claim so I staked out my spot and waited.  All but one that is, and that is the one Zev took to slip by me.  Fortuantely as I wandered back to the baggage claim area to contemplat how Zev was going to enjoy sleeping in the airport, I ran into him.

The ride back was short and sweet (no wandering zebra during rush hour this time...) and we stopped at Dreamland BBQ on the way back for a bite to eat. That lead to the discussion of other BBQ joints and apparently Zev is enamored with the food at BGGcon so it looks like I may have to put that on the dockett for next year. I'm not a foodie (more like a bottom feeder) but we talked cons and BGG and Origins are his top 3 most fun cons.  (Essen being his top pick) Granted his criteria is a bit different than mine (I weight food much less and strippers and alcohol much heavier) but he is definately a man who knows fun.

We got back to Launiuis house and the three of us started on a game that I am working on and having a bit of trouble with.  It is a co-op and the writing was on the wall that we were not going to make it so we abanded it and kicked around ideas for making better.

That started a whole chain of prototypes that would dominate the rest of the day.
Richard's set matching card game with a dungeoncrawl theme-
Mark's napoleanonic tile game-
Jason's KungFu Fighters -
One or two more prototypes that Zev brought down-

We grabbed some Moes and Launius openned up the clubhouse. The weather was the nastiest its been in months- Cold wet and windy.  We kept remarking about how nice it was two days ago and there was a constant stream of people who weathered horrible atlanta traffic to come game. All told we  had about 25 people who came out despite the mosnsoon.

I got a chance to play some newer games too.
We played through two different tracks of Roadsters. If you haven't seen it, it is like pitchcar but uses a ball with a ball bearing inside it. the inner ball bearing makes for some interesting physics when you flick it. Also the cars have sloped backs so you can jump over them by using them as ramps.  I am heavily invested in pitchcar but.... I like this better. It is a hard admission after getting all that pitchcar stuff, but there it is.

Jason Maxwell then talked me into playing Dexter- the game based off the TV series. I don;t mind horrible games (it is part of what binds FrankB and my friendship together) but hoo boy- this one is bad. We laughed throughout though while merrily collecting chainsaws and scalpels. I declared myself winner after 35 minutes of random dice rolling.

BTW, If you get a chance to hang with Jason Maxwell, I highly suggest you take it. He is a interesting guy who is filled with contradictions: Easy going but stubborn, funny but prone to black moods, insightful but oblivious.  Best of all he is fun to beat on during a game.

Arrg-itechs. Oh man-this one is fun. You are a cave man architech and  have 5 words, 5 gestures, and one big club to get your point across. The Arrgitech has a schematic with 5 colored blocks and uses his limited vocabulary to get his team to assemble the peices. When you do something right you get bonked on the head.
If you do something worng you get bonked twice on the head.

Zev said that FFG is picking it up. MB can start the cave man bashing now ;D

And the best game of the day....

Junta the dice game.
So simple so direct so fun- it is brilliant. People wheel and deal. Then the presidient trys to buy off people to defend (or at least not attack him.) Then people secretly assign their dice to attack  or defend each other. Then you roll the dice.  Winners get more cards to buy stuff and Voila' thats the game.  
Zev said he's picking it up and it should be ready around March.
Well. I'm off to day 2.  Wish me luck. I want beat down Zev and send him packing.

Steve"El Presidente'"Avery

There Will Be Games
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