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There Will Be Games

I've got that post con grog going on right now where the gaming was a blur of laughter, faces, cards and dice...and breasts.  One of the last games we played yesterday was Busen Memo. And I played it with Walterman and his amply endowed wife. Zev's man boobs are nothing to sneer at either.

Busen memo is actually really hard. It is a simple matching game the but images are extremely similar and there are so many of them.  After intently staring at them to find matches, some of them are still burned into my brain.BTW, even though I am a self appointed boob man, Zev was the runaway leader by far.

Back to the beginning...

I rolled into Wafflehouse late to find Zev, Launius and a local named Carlos finishing breakfast. Undaunted, I ordered my Fav Wafflehouse breakfast - a triple order of smothered hash browns with lots and lots of Tabasco.  It was a favorite hangover special in college and I still relish it today.

When we got back to the clubhouse, there were peeps already waiting so after a moment of deliberation, we fired up "The Target."
The game is along the vein of Shadowhunters or devil’s stagecoach.  In this case it is CIA vs KGB with one or two double agents being the spoilers. As you build sets of cards you have opportunities to attack other players, discover their identities and score (or negate) points. The game is well done and definitely worth getting. Game play is slower than Shadowhunters but richer. There is no player elimination and the game encourages cooperation and subterfuge.

Zev and Frank peeled off to play some new abstract game from Essen and I played a 6 player game of  Motocross Grand Prix.  One of my favorite antagonists Sara Wilson (and her hubby Brian) showed up. It only took a few minutes for the game to turn nasty as we deliberately tried to wreck each other. Damn that Launius for snaking the win.

Next, Richard, Brian, Zev and I tried a Launius prototype about spycraft. The game has a few rough edges but is fun to play.  Each round you get a combination of agents, equipment and resources that you use to either go on missions or build up your agency. In either case you roll a handful of dice to hopefully get the combination you were looking for.  The push your luck aspect of the game carries the the theme fairly well and I like rolling a big handful of dice to get the hard combo.

Then we tried Brians' Dragon hunting proto. If I could just beat his Eurogame tendencies out of him, then the game would be fun. It sounds just like you would imagine. Dragons fly around  and you catch up with them and fight. Brian is enamored with adding a resource aspect to the game. I just want to go beat on the friggin dragon.

Zev brought out a bidding game disguised as an adventure game. It had lot special powers and several good things going for it but also had a few fatal flaws.   It finally was starting to gel for me when I realized that Zev had seized first player action to grab the big VP noble I was trying to buy. So I flipped the table!
Chits and cards went flying- Frank dove to the side. Launius spilled his quart side soda down the front of his shirt and Zev threw his had up to ward off the spray of game comp0nents sailing toward him.

Not really. But I should have.

We finished out the evening with a trip to Shane’s BBQ and  more Roadzsters, Junta Dice, and of course Busen Memo.
By the end I was tapped out.  I had been burning the candle before Zev came down and repeated early mornings and late nights finally caught up to me. I am ready to crash and I’m ready for more.


Steve”More Gaming”Avery


There Will Be Games
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