Magical F:athlete Hot
Stephen Avery     

There has been a lot of talk about creating more Magical Athletes so I thought I would start the ball rolling. None of these have been playtested yet. I'm just spitballing. Some of these powers require another D6

The Philanthropist: Roll two dice. Take one and give the other to another player

The Dancer: Choose one player at the beginning of your turn. Every time you move, the other player must move the same spaces in the opposite direction. You may not choose the same player twice in a row.

 the Blocker: Roll a die every time a character passes you. If you roll a 4-6 then they end their move behind you.

The Gambler: If the roll is odd, move and roll again. If the roll is even, move back two spaces.

The doppleganger: Any time you begin your turn with another player on the same space you may trade racers with them.
The Crone: The next person who rolls higher than your last roll may not move this turn.

The Hierophant: All players who begin their move within 1 space of you only move one space.

The Leper: Every time a person ends their move within one space of you, move 1 space

The Marcher: If anyone matches your movement roll you may move instead of them

The UnderDog:  The racer may roll 2 dice for movement if he is last place

The Leapfrog: Instead of rolling you may move 1 space ahead of any character.

The Archer: on his turn the archer may shoot one character that is ahead of him. Roll a die and if the character is that number of spaces or closer, that character loses his next turn.

The Sleepwalker: Anytime a player looses their turn, you may move 3 spaces

The Mesmerist: Anytime a player moves 1 space, you may move everyone else back 1 space

The Empath- Duty any time another player is forced to move back or lose a turn, you must move back 1 space. Any time another player is moved forward without rolling, you move forward 2 spaces.

Hopefully we can generate enough  ideas for Zev to consider making a MA2.



Magical F:athlete There Will Be Games
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