Life is a game so why can’t a game be life?

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Life is a game so why can’t a game be life?
There Will Be Games

You want to be happy, but to be happy you need food, water and shelter . You need money to pay for your necessities, so you need a job to get money. You get a job that pays the bills, but then you’re not happy anymore because you dislike your job. Life sometimes seems like a never-ending circle of misery.

But does life really have to be like that? Absolutely not. 

Your happiness all depends on you. You have everything you need to make your life worth living, you just might need a little guidance to get there.

Games have always been about figuring out how to solve the problems of the character you portray. So why can’t a game help figure out the problems you have in your life? 

Are you having trouble figuring out whether you should go to college or not? Do you need to know whether taking out a loan will be worth the trouble? What skills do you possess that can be useful in selecting a career?

These are examples of questions that can plague your life everyday, but they don’t need to be. Life is about finding out what makes you happy and holding on to it. And a game could actually help. 

In most games players get involved in a different world. Games should involve the player in the world they live in. A great game should help you figure out who you are and let you figure out how to “beat” your own life. You can get specific information to help you out with your problems that can be catered towards you.

One of the problems with the world is that we aren’t given equal opportunities for educating ourselves. Our individual upbringing either grants us immense opportunity or closed doors. It is my hope for the future that all people be given the same chances to reach their full potential. A world in which everyone reaches their potential will be a world that will thrive on technology, tolerance and ideas.  Now doesn’t that seem amazing?

And the best part is that is entirely possible. We can change how we learn. We can make learning interesting for the future generations and still resourceful because learning is the grassroots of growth.

I'm glad so many people have been giving me insight on my board game on the site. Thanks to you I am finally ready to launch my board game to Kickstarter. I am launching a campaign to convert my board game, The Money Shift, to an app. Look for The Money Shift on Kickstarter this Friday. Check out The Money Shift board game to see my work at its current stage. I appreciate your support to change the future of catered learning.


There Will Be Games
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