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There Will Be Games

I have been trying for weeks to spend less time at my computer.  I am hoping the member blog here at F:AT will help me. I was looking for a place to share some thoughts and this  seemed like a good spot since a significant amount of what I write will be about games and gamers. 

I am trying to turn a few things in my life around.  In certain ways they are linked.  

For one thing I waste far too much time on my computer surfing and facebooking and simply not being productive.  I don't actually do anything during this time besides read about games, sci-fi/fantasy movies and generally geek out.  It's largely a total waste.  I conditionally quit facebook a week ago.  By this I mean I quit participating in any meaningful way except in the private group my game club uses to communicate and I still intend to use it to promote and inform about our local game convention, which I am highly involved with.

Part of my goal is to spend a bit more time playing games with my kids, and towards that I introduced my wife, son and two of his friends (they are 13-14ish) to Magical Athlete.  Everyone had fun and it went well for my second playing.  (We played at my usual weekly gathering the night before)  They seemed to like it and I think they will end up playing again.

I'm not going to set any goal of any certain amount of games getting played but I could play a game every day if I chose because a 3 yr old never says no!

My other goal is to try and lose some weight.  I am gifted with the less desirable of the two gamer body types (gangly skinny or silly fat! you can guess which one)  I don't deny for one second that I have earned every pound and take full responsibility.  But it is tied to my desk time for sure.  I dieted fairly successfully a few years ago and lost weight from 355 down to about 250. I kept it there for about 1.5 years then slowly gained it back over the course of 4-5 years.  The point being that I know I can do it.  I just need to repeat it and not let up at the end like last time.  
I am still in great health for 42, and can do everything and I am mobile and agile and physically capable............ so no major damage from long term obesity has revealed itself just yet.   I was very athletic in high school but of course that was many years ago. 

 If I was a character in magical athlete now  I would be one that sits on the sidelines reading random game descriptions from the BGG hotness list while the race happens.  The "not so magical" athlete.

(In coming blogs I'll go more into some interesting stories from my gaming club and maybe some reviews)

There Will Be Games
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