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Herding Squigs: Back to work

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There Will Be Games

I haven't had as much time to dedicate to this as I had hoped, but I don't think any blogger ever does.  So I'm not terribly disappointed.  Especially since one of my goals was to get away from the computer more.  Since I teach high school math and physics the last few weeks have been real hectic, the real squig herding has begun for another year. 

Only game I have bought since my last blog is Dominion big box off of amazon.  My eldest really enjoys it and we've played a few times.  We're just scratching the surface in our games and it's the first time I've downloaded an androidapp for gaming.

Also got quite a few games of Warhammer 40K in.  My club has an ongoing map based campaign that were are deep into.  I play chaos as part of a three player team.  We are winning but not by much.

Had a very frustrating game of AGoT last night where two players mostly jerked around on their phone while the pother 4 of us played.   We are going to be discussing this as a club, because honestly if those two guys don't want to play they need to find something else to do or leave.  Ruining our game out of apathy was really getting under my skin.

Also played Lords of Waterdeep last night for the first time.  People seem really excited about it but it was just like most worker placement euros I stopped buying 5-7 years ago to me.  I don't see what it had to do with DnD other than pictures.  It was light and quick enough I'd play again, they seemed to be shocked I scored over 250 points in my first game.  It was 3 players.

In my weight loss category I am doing well: after  the first week I was able to actually weigh myself on the work scale so that's certainly a step in the right direction!  It maxes out at 350 pounds/ 160 kilos.   I decided to diet in kilos just because mostly losing a kilo is harder than a pound, and it sounds better. I weigh about 157 kilos now, and the long term goal is 100. (220 pounds) Doing well eating small portions of meat and a lot of fresh vegetables. Occasionally  a sugar free treat or jello, but trying to minimize those and I'm certain there's unnatural things in them.   Kind of pissed that our bosses decided to make us remove all of our personal mini fridges and are not putting in any kind of community refrigerator but I'll get an insulated lunch container and an ice pack and soldier on.  Haven't had any alcohol in two weeks so I am sure that's helping my plan as I am a weekend drinker.  since I haven't been drinking I haven't been topping off my night with a bunch of bad food choices on Saturdays.   I may have some drinks over thanksgiving break if I am still losing by then, a one day medium drunk won't ruin things. 

This coming weekend is our big local 4 day convention.  Since it is our 30th anniversary we are having free admission and have been advertising the heck out of it.  We usually get around 300 people which for flyover country is a good amount.  I will have to work the desk quite a bit of the time I am there but will also get some gaming and shopping in.  Due to the lack of anything resembling a game store around here the convention is one of the few times I get to do any hands on shopping at the dealer booths.  Looking strongly at a couple of games and I'll have room on my shelf after donating stuff to the charity auction.

There Will Be Games
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