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Out with the Old & In with the New (101-1001 list)

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There Will Be Games

Happy New Year to all Fatties.  Hope your holiday season was a pleasant one. 

Now then, several years ago I put up a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.  Needless to say, I got less than half of the list finished.  So, instead of plugging away at a list I know I will not finish, this time I came up with a list I have at least a chance of finishing.  

1.      Renew passport

2.      Get Noah a passport

3.      Renew wife’s passport

4.      Trip to Hong Kong with family during Chinese New Year

5.      Establish financial safety net

6.      Pay off Line of Credit

7.      Pay off Chase

8.      Pay off Target

9.      Check credit report

10.  Set up son’s college fund

11.  Get life insurance

12.  Take wife on romantic trip

13.  Dance with wife to our song

14.  Clear out attic

15.  Arrange wife to see orthodontist

16.  Write Murder City sequel

17.  Finish All Men are Brothers adventure and try to get published.

18.  Learn Russian

19.  Learn Mandarin

20.  Learn Cantonese

21.  Brush up on Japanese

22.  Drop to pre-Katrina weight

23.  Do Army Fitness Test

24.  Finish painting SotC miniatures

25.  Get players to play Living Steel

26.  Get players to try Warhammer Fantasy

27.  Finish S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RPG

28.  Teach son to ride bike

29.  Finish To Be Human

30.  Finish Devil May Cry

31.  Finish Rise to Honor

32.  Finish Yakuza

33.  Finish Battlestar Galactica (frakkin’ game)

34.  Get Dune to table

35.  Get Shadowlord! to table

36.  Get Android to table

37.  Get Supremacy to table

38.  Get The Hunt to table

39.  Get players to try Midnight

40.  Finish Gangs of Mega City One review

41.  Convert garage into game room

42.  Get pachinko machine

43.  Get entire series of Battlestar Galactica

44.  Create a game

45.  Read All Men are Brothers

46.  Take family to St. Louis, Mo. to try real barbeque

47.   Visit brother in Boston

48.   Visit brother-in-law in Colorado

49.  Get an old school Cylon Centurion costume

50.  Get Golden Lions costume made

51.  Go to a con (any one except Dragon Con)

52.  Get new living room furniture

53.  Get new sink

54.  Learn to draw

55.  Get Bose surround system

56.  Complete Cowboy Bebop collection

57.  Get extended family to play games other than fucking UNO.

58.  Get Obsidian Portal subscription

59.  Get Phoenix Command Expansion

60.  Get AT-43 to table

61.  Paint kitchen

62.  Paint master bedroom

63.  Replace strike covers in son’s bedroom

64.  Replace carpet with wooden floors

65.  Play Lost Gold with my son

66.  Replace Tank Battle (after cats used it for scratching post)

67.  Get another copy of Cults Across America

68.  Go through DVD collection for 2nd and Charles credit.

69.  Give Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs to Eddie for his son

70.  Get son to play an RPG

71.  Replace missing parts from Panzer Leader

72.  Replace missing parts from D&D The Adventure Board Game and the expansions

73.  Make a set of Fatal Frame

74.  Get copy of Dark Cults for Brandy

75.  Support Kickstarter of Mutant Chronicles, 3rd Edition

76.  Publish Mutant Chronicles adventures with Modiphus

77.  Publish Mutant Chronicles fiction with Modiphus

78.  Get Warzone miniatures

79.  Get data off of damaged USB drive

80.  Finish WDC Omnibus

81.  Get BSG: Pegasus expansion

82.  Get Judy Greer’s new book

83.  Paint living room

84.  Replace interior doors in house

85.  Replace back door

86.  Get back patio enclosed

87.  Get siding on house

88.  Redo landscaping in front of house

89.  Find a game store to call my second home

90.  Paint Nin-Gonost miniatures

91.  Finish writing Pigeon

92.  Replace pieces from Magic Realm

93.  Reupholster Gramma's chair

94.  Finish Icewind Dale II

95.  Finish PnP of Dead of Night

96.  Get new printer

97.  Write a game review for Tai-Pan

98.  Write a game review for Whirlwind

99.   Frame Feng Shui poster

100.                      Finish Brotherhood expansion

101.                      Get minis for Brotherhood expansion




There Will Be Games
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