F:AT SummerSlam Challenge 2014

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F:AT SummerSlam Challenge 2014
There Will Be Games

"Aaaaarrgghhh, you can feel it dude. You can feel it!"

The rules are few and they are simple:

* Commit to a title that is at least 10 years old, or has relatively quiet forums at BGG

* It should be a title you have never played

* The title should require at minimum, on average,  2 hours to play

* Create a thread in the forums (titled 'SSC14:[Game Name]') where you will write up the results of at least four sessions this summer (beginning of June to the end of August)

If your thread contains photos of play, links to relevant articles, histories of the games/events portrayed, themed multimedia, whatnot...all the better!

"You know that’s it’s going to be exciting and it might even be a little bit frightening!"

There Will Be Games
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