A good problem to have

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There Will Be Games

Years ago, Brad H. posted a game review.  After that review, Rylen introduced me to the game that changed everything:  Aliens.  A fast paced sci-fi dungeon crawl type game where creatures jump from the wall on your face.  I was sold.

For years, Aliens was my grail game.  Today, I got the game in the mail, and my wife saw the rapture on my face:  A SHRINK copy of Aliens for $120 bucks.

My problem:  I have an issue breaking shrink, ESPECIALLY with a hard to get game.  Should I get a less pristine copy and sell the shrink copy for probably more than I bought, or should I just be a man and crack it open.

I'm also highly neurotic, so playing this game around cats should be interesting.

There Will Be Games
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