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TrashFest NW 2015

DM Updated
There Will Be Games

Board Gaming Goon

Another TrashFest NW come and gone! This year saw a new set of faces as well as old haggardly ones and there were a few surprise guests in attendance. This year's event was to have been held in February but due to  a couple major boardgame conventions starting up then, I thought it was wiser to move it to January. I think this month will be chosen for future TFNWs. 

My mind midway through the day was kind of foggy so details will be sketchy and I tried to get pictures of as many games as I could but I probably missed a few.

I was hoping to start the day off with something a bit more off the beaten path as last year the first game played was The Mushroom Eaters. As there was a new person joining in the early festivities we chose King of New York. For some reason this took away longer than it should (1hr+) and in the end I think all monsters were destroyed.

Kaiju of New York

A few others showed up around the end of this game, including a dude who I never met before and assumed he was a buddy of someone's. 


UNKNOWN DUDE: Hey, I'm here for TrashFest.

ME: Cool, are you a friend of Jacob's?

UD:  Uhh..., no I'm Dave from Fortress Ameritrash.


UD: Yeah.


First surprise. I just have to give a little backstory. Almalik and I have exchanged PMs about trying to meet up for a couple of years, but life happens and it never panned out. I invited him to TF last year but he didn't make it out. I kinda teased him about it and then felt totally bad. I invited him this year but didn't hear back from him. I'm not a super social guy so i get it. That being said I really dig my people here on F:AT and get childishly anxious at the prospect of meeting you all in person. (I'm already sweating about the possibility that Superfly and Stormseeker may try to make it out next year.) 


Anyhow, Dave is AWESOME (naturally) and I had a great time gaming with him. Here he is (on the left) playing Galaxy Trucker.

Galaxy Truckers

Next up for me was a 4 player game of Sons of Anarchy, which I really dig. I enjoy Spartacus more but the playing time for Sons is more manageable.

Sons of Anarchy

Over at another table my buddy Keith (of the Ask Keith Anything blog) taught Colossal Arena to a group which included a precocious 11 year old (our first child attendee, I think he went away with a few new words added to his vocabulary).

Colossal Arena

Almalik explored the 'Verse during a game of Firefly.


After Sons, I joined Keith, the boy and his Guardian (Rob Bottos of BottosCon) to play Space Hulk: Death Angel. We were destroyed in the penultimate room quite quickly.

Space Hulk: Death Angel

Almalik and I joined in a game of my just sold copy of Cyclades (to the dude on the right). The dude on the left snuck out the win.


Surprise number two: early in the afternoon my brother (artist and musician called Talwst) who was in town on business dropped by unexpectedly. The last time he played games with me was about 20 years ago when I convinced him and our other brother to play Talisman with me. He's not a gamer and eyed the stack of games cautiously but fortunately Keith roped him into a game of Skull and Roses which he really dug. (Yes, jokes of "Is that your "brother" or is that your"BROTHER" gleefully filled the hall.)

Yes, that is my BRO-THA!

FATie JonJacob came out again this year and set about playing Wings of Glory.

Wings of Glory

Almalik and I played Mysterium. The dude on the right expressed what I felt inside. It's Clue and Dixit mixed together. My least favourite game of TFNW.


JonJacob teaching my brother and others Love Letter. Another hit with my brother. 

Love? Let her.

Magical Athlete was a blast of course. My favourite moment was a race that was being won by the dude on the right (Andrew Laws, a scenario designer for Combat Commander) and as his athlete neared the finish line we were all chanting "one" "one" "one", on his turn, He rolled. 1. Cheers went up. Next time around for him. Chants. Roll. 1. Cheers again. Next time around, Chants. Roll. 1. Were were fucking hysterical. He came in second but boy, those rolls were classic Magical Athlete.

Magical YES-lete

Things were winding down at this point (7pm) when (surprise number three)I get a call from none other than FATtie mikecl! When he finally found the place he showed up with XIA, the Drift System (?). It looked amazing but I think most people were looking for lighter fare at this point.  I would love to give it a go at some point.

Jonjacob (second from left) , mikecl (third from left), and Almalik (in red) ended up playing Skull and Roses. I had to get this shot to show the historic gathering of the Four (okay, I wasn't in the picture, but still) Horsedudebros of the FATpocalypse (Western Canadian Division) really happened!


Shortly after the game ended people started heading out. Almalik had to catch a ferry back home. This blew my mind that he came all the way for my stupid little event. Thanks Dave!

To end the night Keith and I played the DC Deckbuilding game which I really enjoy despite not being a DC fan.

Last two jerks standing...or sitting.

All in all I think everyone had a good time (at least I hope so) and by my count there were 17 of us. I'm not one who takes initiative to organize things but this? I fucking LOVE doing this. Thanks to all that came out and thank you Fortress Ameritrash for giving me inspiration to do this as well as giving me a little space of the internet to call home.

See you bitches next year!!!

There Will Be Games
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