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There Will Be Games

We finally finished a game of Quest for the Dragonlords this weekend.


Quest for the Dragonlords


We had started the game a week ago...


We started on Monday night with a flail through of the rules and stumble through of the first turn. That's the way we learn games. The Man and I set up the board, and puzzle and ponder over the rules, passing the booklet back and forth while pushing the bits around. It usually doesn't take long with most games, but Quest for the Dragonlords is a bit involved. We figured out how to set up, how to move, how to fight, how to place more units, and how to move in the wasteland. By that point it was getting late, so we decided to leave the game set up and continue another day.

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the game for several days, because I got sick. Well, maybe not sick so much as bitten 28 times by a mutant mystery bug. I swelled up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the fiery pits of hell, took major antihistamine and slept for 16 hours, waking only long enough to call in sick to work.

My mom stopped by to check in on me and gave me the "if you ate better you wouldn't get sick so often" lecture. Then she did the head shake thing as she looked into my fridge. Thanks a lot mom, but I really don't think eating more fruit and fiber would have any impact on getting bit 28 times by the mutant mystery bug and swelling up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the fiery pits of hell. Also I really think there is nothing head-shakingly wrong with the contents of this fridge, other than that we seem to be out of half and half - Oh, and that blue stuff on the right. We do regret that bad blue stuff; it is very wrong.



Quest for the Dragonlords


Look, this fridge has all the basic food groups - coldcuts, cheese, fruit, hot sauce, leftover Chinese takeout, ale and lager. Plus, maple syrup, which comes from trees so it's like a natural healthy thing, like granola, right. I know some of you will say that the Mike's Lemonade is very wrong, but that's there for our pussy Eurogamer friends. Although, there is something very disconcerting about seeing a grown man drinking a Mike's. When caught with a Mike's, even the Drummer has enough sense to claim he's just holding it for the wife.

Anyway, we finally got back to our game of Quest for the Dragonlords on Saturday. The man destroyed me, and then proclaimed, "This game is great! Let's play it again." However, I felt that this game was like WTF, and it had made my mind all melty, so we packed it up and watched Killer Klowns from Outer Space instead.


Quest for the Dragonlords

Note: when talking to the police, never start your story with "We were following a falling star." Also, it is probably best to leave out words such as alien and space ship. Keep it simple. "I saw a body in the woods." When the police ask you to come with them to show them what you saw, don't be stupid. Offer to point out the location on a map instead. In fact, don't actually go to the police station. Just call 911 on your cell phone as you drive the hell out of town.

There Will Be Games Quest for the Dragonlords
Quest for the Dragonlords
Shellie "ubarose" Rose  (She/Her)
Managing Editor & Web Admin

Plays boardgames. Drinks bourbon. Writes code.

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Quest for the Dragonlords
Shellie "ubarose" Rose
Managing Editor & Web Admin

Articles by Shellie


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