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After reading Mad Dog's article about eye-patches I was inspired to come up with another obvious category. Throwing back a nod to Ancient of Mumu with the calendar concept.... or a top 10. My criteria used to winnow it down to a dozen was... movie or TV but no anime/cartoon/comic... only humans. It's not so much about the character as it is about the body part... has to be cool and preferably it has uses beyond what nature intended. Many of the characters in this article have gone on to become memes and have been mocked, copied, or otherwise been paid homage in other movies. Sci-Fi is liberally applied as I wanted to keep the title consistent with the original.








JANUARY  Furiousa 

She possesses the sci-fi prosthesis of the moment and it has a “hand” in the offing of her nemesis.  But as cool as she is, the prosthesis itself has no secondary function. Nor is much known about it.  It’s almost anachronistic in the Mad Max world as it is by far the highest tech thing we see there.


Mr Han

FEBRUARY  Mr. Han from Enter the Dragon

He had a jade fist, tiger claws and a bagh nakh to attach to his hand-stump.  Spoofed in Kentucky Fried Movie feature “Fistful of Yen” by Dr. Klahn with even more attachments like a flamethrower and  a dildo.


Lady Helen Port-Huntley

MARCH Lady Helen Port-Huntley from The Saddest Music in the World(2003)

She has a  prosthetic glass leg full of beer... my kind of gal.

APRIL Darth Vader  Most of his body was robotic after injuries suffered by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mustafar.


Captain Hook

MAY Captain Hook

Many versions exist, but Dustin Hoffman in Hook uses many attachments including a baseball mitt and pointer.



JUNE  Geordi La Forge from Star Trek Next Generation

Character created by Roddenberry in tribute to a quadriplegic fan  named George La Forge.  The VISOR is backronym for Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement.  It allowed him to see energy phenomena.... like vital signs and temperature.


Edward Scissorhands

JULY Edward Scissorhands

Not much to say about this one except I always wondered how he managed to wipe.  Homage paid in the porn version... Edward Penishands


Cherry Darling

AUGUST Cherry Darling from Planet Terror

She lost her leg when mauled by a horde of zombies.  Her boyfriend attached a table leg to the stump and she accomplished much with that, including stabbing Quentin Tarantino in the brain.  But then she upgraded to a M4 carbine with M203 grenade launcher and mowed down a zombie stampede. 


Madame Desdemona

SEPTEMBER Madame Desdemona from Machete Kills (not released yet)

Ya, it’s a rip-off of Austin Powers Fembots.... but Sofia Vergara is hotter and she has more firepower up top as I believe she has larger caliber “weapons”. 



OCTOBER Ash from Evil Dead II

His hand became possessed by a demon, so he chopped it off with a chainsaw... and then affixes said chainsaw to the stump and christens the result “groovy”

NOVEMBER Inspector Kemp from Young Frankenstein-   A comedy classic.  Character directly spoofed from Son of Frankenstein’s Inspector Krogh with tribute paid to Peter Seller’s characterization of Dr. Strangelove. 



DECEMBER Gazelle from Kingsman: Secret Service

With her gleaming, razor-sharp stilletoes, Gazelle  is a clever throwback to the calculating villain played by Lotte Lenya in "From Russia With Love" only far more stylish, mobile and deadly.


You are only allowed 10 pics in an article with the software this site uses, so this was edited.

April was Inspector Kemp from Young Frankenstein- Character directly spoofed from Son of Frankenstein’s Inspector Krogh with homage paid to Peter Seller’s characterization of Dr. Strangelove. 

November was Darth Vader-  Life support armor he needed to get around after duel with Obi- Wan on Mustafar.  


Honorable Mention (some iconic folks that did not make the cut, controversial?)

Captain Ahab

Hector Barbossa- Pirates of the Carribean

Luke Skywalker

6 Million Dollar Man and Woman.  



Dr. Klahn- Kentucky Fried Movie

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MacDirk Diggler's Avatar
MacDirk Diggler replied the topic: #209454 28 Aug 2015 09:44
Thanks moderators, Uba, Mad Dog and Frohike for helping with formatting and getting this published.
SebastianBludd's Avatar
SebastianBludd replied the topic: #209476 28 Aug 2015 12:17
A couple others worth mentioning:

Mr. Igoe (Innerspace) - He has a metal cap on his right wrist that can accept myriad attachments; including a gun that fires through the tip of the index finger, an acetylene torch, a drill bit, a vibrator, and just a normal prosthetic hand.

Skip the henchman (Darkman) - His wooden leg holds a machine gun that can be fired without removing it from the leg.
OldHippy's Avatar
OldHippy replied the topic: #209517 28 Aug 2015 16:28
Reading this is the first time I've sort of understood what transabled means (which is still underlined as if it isn't a word yet). That black prosthetic limb looks awesome.

"Everybody wants prosthetic foreheads on their real heads." wow, TMBG was ahead of their time I guess.
repoman's Avatar
repoman replied the topic: #209651 31 Aug 2015 12:50
Luke Skywalker's hand.

Steve Austin's legs, arm and eye.

Jamie Summer's ear.
ChristopherMD's Avatar
ChristopherMD replied the topic: #209700 31 Aug 2015 18:24
I may have gone with Locutus of Borg and Merle from Walking Dead.
MacDirk Diggler's Avatar
MacDirk Diggler replied the topic: #209701 31 Aug 2015 18:50
Luke Skywalker, 6 million dollar man and woman all made honorable mention. Their prosthetic stuff didn't have enough presence on the screen visually to get me off and crack the top 12. Iconic for sure though. Some of the other people brought up in thread are all worthy as well, just a bit obscure. I will readily admit the woman with the beer filled leg does not deserve to make the list.... But... Itt's a beer filled leg! For cry out loud! How could I keep that out?

Thanks for participating in the discussion though.
Michael Barnes's Avatar
Michael Barnes replied the topic: #209703 31 Aug 2015 19:49