The Top 5 Games That’ll Boost Your Brain’s Development

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Online games aren’t just for pure entertainment. Yes, they are mainly aimed at providing fun but they can also help stimulate the brain.

They are sometimes called “time-wasters” but they may actually be worth some of your time. A number of games on the web can make for a great leisure and brain activity.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Real jigsaws are a great way to stimulate the brain while passing time. If you can’t have real jigsaw puzzles to play with, there are many jigsaw games available on the Internet. You may not be able to feel the edges of the jigsaw pieces with your fingers, but you can surely derive similar satisfaction from solving the puzzles. What’s more, you get to enjoy variety in the pictures you will try to solve.

Number or Math Puzzles

A multitude of number puzzle games are also available on the web. They can be arithmetic and algebra based like cross number puzzles, Dyson numbers, KenKen, Feynman Long Division Puzzles, or the 24 Game.  They could be combinatorial like cryptograms, sequential movement puzzles, kakuro, sudoku, Think-a-Dot, and the Fifteen Puzzle. They could also be about tiling and dissection like the Conway Puzzle, Bedlam Cube, Soma Cube, tangram, T puzzle, and pentominoes.

There are several types of math or number puzzles and you might have already played one without realizing it was actually a casual math puzzle game. These puzzles may not appeal to all as they could be quite difficult to solve but they certainly push the brain to thinking hard.

Word Games

Just like numbers, words are also a theme in online games. Similarly, you can find many of them. The ever popular crossword puzzles easily come to mind. There are also “find the word” games for those who want to find something easy and less time-consuming. Additionally, you can enjoy popular games like Hangman, Text Twist, and Bookworm. They are arguably some of the most entertaining but relatively easy mind games online.

Games that integrate quiz and typing aspects are also fun online games to spend time with. Online Scrabble and other similar connect-the-words games, likewise, great options for passing the time. Additionally, for those who want something a bit more challenging, there are rebuses that can really give the brain quite a stir. These games are relatively not that difficult that they usually don’t require cheats similar to how cheats like those posted in become necessary for Megapolis just to proceed with the game.

Quiz/Trivia Games

For those who love quiz types of games, there are many to find online. There are online game versions of once popular TV shows like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” “1 vs 100,” and “The Weakest Link.” These types of games, for most, are definitely entertaining. They are also very easy to play. You just have to answer questions using the knowledge you already have. If you can’t provide the right answer, you can always try to make guesses.

Quiz and trivia games don’t only serve as good ways of passing time. Players may also obtain some new bits of knowledge from them. These games may also make players recall certain details that have already become vague in their memories. The questions and answers these games pose can be something new or unfamiliar, or they could be something that could rehash knowledge many players would hardly recall.

Online Chess and Other Similar Board Games

Of course, who would forget one of the best classic mind games ever created? Chess can also be played without the real board and pieces. There are many sites that feature chess games that allow players to have a match with an AI player or with another human player connected to the Internet. Chess is a great mental exercise that will surely help stimulate the brain. You can also have other similar game options like Go, backgammon, shogi, janggi, and sha'tar.

The Internet has a lot of interesting things to offer. Mind-stimulating online games are just some of them. If you want to stay sharp through gaming, you should really try some of the games mentioned above.


There Will Be Games
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