Join the Army of Kurents

Join the Army of Kurents

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Army of Kurents

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May 02, 2016
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June 01, 2016

A board game for people who become mythological warriors to defeat winter.

Kurents are mythological bringers of spring in slavic folklore: one half animal and one half warrior. 


In our board game with match cards and special dice they fight against the Winter Demon and his soldiers and among themselves. Because one of them is a hidden helper of the adversary they don't trust each other. That makes the game full of tactical turns and surprises. Special match system is based upon rock-paper-scissors method but in combination with each Kurent's superpower fights are extremely unpredictable.


If you feel brave enough to defeat winter join us or create your own Army of Kurents :)

Join the Army of Kurents There Will Be Games
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