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Wiz-War Hot
Board Games 12764
Something's do get better with age
This is my absolute favorite game. The rulebook really lays out how the game plays so much better than the classic versions did, so Kevin Wilson should be lauded for that effort.

Although the caveat to its greatness is that you have to play the game fairly consistently to get the most out of it, ideally with a regular group of players that meet up at least once a month, for example. This could be said of most games, of course. Though this applies to Wiz-War more than most.

I have to admit that there is a bit of a wall that new players have to climb before they can truly appreciate the brilliance of Wiz-War.
That barrier includes:
* Internalizing the cards enough so that a player can quickly formulate a tactic and play it.
* Understanding the general foundation of interactions laid out by the design, and the terminology used to describe them. The rulebook does a fine job of this, but a player needs a couple games alongside the rules to get the most out of them. The player aides made by Universal Head go a long way to help jump in as quickly as possible.
* Being creative enough to tweak your tactics on the fly and react to the constantly changing board state.

These caveats are similar to what you would find in Magic the Gathering, and is the main reason why M:tG players are usually the best options to recruit from, to play and enjoy Wiz-War.

Wiz-War isn't the 'lifestyle' game that M:tG is, but it does demand much more from its players than the 'light beer and pretzels experience' it is often portrayed to be. That description is misleading and ultimately incorrect. This is a solid mid weight (leaning towards light) experience.
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