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Board Games 2436
This is better than you think
When I first heard about this, I thought this game would be just another cash grab with minimal figs by a company known for subpar contemporary boardgame attempts. Cynical would have been an understatement.

But it turned out to be good. Shockingly good.
So good in fact, that I believe only Space Hulk rivals it as GW's best in-house design.
The card activation is a stroke of genius in how it is implemented, as is how the initiative it meshes so well in this game. It is am easy game to grasp and play, and the whole package could be described as a distillation of fun. A succinct design without a ton of superfluous crap clogging its arteries.
GW should be quite proud of being a patron of this design, as I believe it to be the best thematic game produced in 2016.

The only criticism I can level at it is that I wish there were more variety in obstacles and their effects given in the arena. Instant death pit is functional, but I think a variable effect would add some uncertainty and suspense.
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