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Disney Villainous Board Game
Board Games 10747
I plopped $30.00 for my copy at Target - I can state, with clear confidence, that this was the best entertainment per dollar value that I have gotten out of any product in the last 10 years, other than the 5e DnD starter set, which gave me and my kids a years worth of bi weekly gaming sessions for $15.00. Who knows, we may get more mileage out of Villainous, especially with the promise of future expansion and new villains.

It was a hit, before I even got it home - My adult girls were excited to play as Disney villains, my wife was more ambivalent about the theme, but all of us familiar with the material. Once it hit the table, though, it was cemented as household favorite - the gameplay is solid - the variety of villains is enough to make game fresh.

Surprisingly, it's turned into a nice light time filler for me and the wife - it plays well enough as a two player - the fate actions becoming even more integral to play style because you are constantly trying to set up an unmessable win condition - there's actually a bit of bluffing and push your luck that come into play when you both know the decks really well and are dueling.
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