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(Updated: December 15, 2020)
I think this is the best One of These, These being sandbox pick up and deliver games. It maximizes the sandbox element, sometimes even to its detriment, but it is *constantly* trying to mix up the incentives in the game to encourage you to do something different with money, points, and opporunities. When I think of games like these I think of satisfying economic chains and routes, which is covered perfectly by Merchants of Venus, but I also think of opportunistically swashbuckling across the galaxy, which is this game's forte. It never lets you slip into a rut---it's always sort of asking "yes, and?" Its lack of any brand or theme also pushes it, imo, above the branded versions in this genre (e.g. Firely) because it has no need to give you any of the "YOU REMEMBER THIS PLANET AND GUY FROM A MOVIE?" fanservice and can just focus on the mechanical variety.


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