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A decent pirate game
Pirate's Cove ain't bad for a pirate game. Actually it's really good for a pirate themed game. There are lots of games out there with the pirate theme just slapped on there, but Pirate's Cove actually tries to be a pirate game. Note the difference between a pirate themed game and a pirate game.

Anyway, Pirate's Cove of course has great components (it is a Days of Wonder game after all); the map is gorgeous, the ship sculpts are great, the cards have really fun illustrations on them.

Game play is alright. You get to outfit your ship how you want it: lots of crew, lots of gun, make it fast, make it hold lots of stuff, any combination. Each round you secretly choose which island you want to visit. A card is dealt face up on each island depicting how much treasure is available or other benefits. Each island also has a unique upgrade ability: buy more crew, upgrade cannons, upgrade your hull, etc. If you and another pirate ship end up on the same island a fight erupts. Combat is pretty plain though. Also there is a legendary pirate that roams the seas. His paths follow a pattern so you can dare to take him on if you want. To score points you haul your treasure to the center island and bury it there.

A fun family or entry game, but doesn't really have the piratey goodness I want to sink my cutlass into.
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