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Colt Express
Board Games 1481
(Updated: April 29, 2019)
I love RoboRally. When I play Galaxy Trucker, I never look at the event cards beforehand. Games in which you're hoping for everything to go horribly wrong are like music to me. So I liked what I heard about Colt Express and traded for a copy.

During our game I could see that the other three players were going to converge in a car next to the Marshall. I sneakily (it was a tunnel) played a "move the Marshall" card, excited to fill all three of them full of lead. However, all of them followed with Shoot cards. So when it came time for me to move the Marshall, if I'd kept to my plan, they'd all be on the roof firing at the only possible target: me. That's the kind of moment I love.

There's some strategy here, and the winner certainly won through smart and well-timed card play, but mostly it's a lot of dumb surprising fun. I'm glad to have a copy of this.
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