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Board Games 4506
(Updated: April 29, 2019)
I read a review of this that sounded good and was able to secure a copy. It’s an odd little beast, with a bit of a kitchen sink approach: area control, auctions, combat, resources, deck-building — kind of surprised you don’t have to place workers or draft opening hands. It all combines to make a sloppy, drunken, slugfest of a game. Even the theme wants to punch you: it starts off talking about the Yugai, galactic conquerors, but then tells you where you fit: you’re refugees who’ve already been conquered, fighting for scraps in Yugai controlled slums. I’m not sure how essential this is compared to, say, Nexus Ops or Neuroshima Hex, both of which are similar in feel and both of which deserve to be played more often. I’d like to give it another shot, but no one else was too crazy about it.
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