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The Mad Gamer's Dexterity Game of Choice
I have seen this game called "shuffleboard with dice" and I guess that is pretty accurate. I have never been on a cruise ship to play shuffleboard but my mental image is 80 year olds playing on the deck of the ship. So when I saw a game that had shuffleboard associated with it I ignored it faster than a Tom Vasel review.

However, on a recent podcast I did with Scott Nicholson he mentioned the game Tumblin-Dice and the tremedous success he was having with the game in terms of drawing new gamers in to our world of gaming.

Now for those that don't know Scott he is the designer of the upcoming game "Tulipmania" which I also expressed having little desire to play many times on my show.

But out of curiousity I went and read Scott's comments on Tumblin-Dice and he seemed to have had the same initial reaction I had with the game being that he did not think he would enjoy it. Scott goes on to say what a surprise the game was for him as he really enjoyed the game play of Tumblin-Dice.

So, just by chance I loccated a copy on sale and ordered it and my friends I am here to tell you that the first play of Tumblin-Dice with my game group was a smashing success!

It is an addicting dice game that generates laughter, shouts of joy and anguish, and a great time all around. The first time we played we must have went well over 3 hours, playing game after game.

First off, the game quality is top notch, beautiful wooden construction with a dry erase scoreboard built right on the board which I really liked! I must mention that there are two versions of Tumblin-Dice, a full size version and a mini version. The one I got was a full size version which supports 4 players.

I often wondered if dexterity board games fall within the scope of this hobby. To me it is almost like including darts but it seems they have been voted in!

I have played "Pitchcar" and found it dull. This is my dexterity game of choice! It is a blast!
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