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(Updated: April 29, 2019)
My favorite deckbuilders are Thunderstone, Core Worlds, and Valley of the Kings, so the fact that this game was pretty much ignored by most gamers didn't mean I wouldn't check it out. It did, however, mean that I got to check it out for really cheap.

It's okay. It's a LOT like Thunderstone, but it does two things that I think are nice innovations. First of all, when you go into the "Dungeon" other players can help or hinder you, possibly getting some XPs if they backed the right horse. Secondly, you turn up two action cards which you can play as if they're in your hand during your turn. This allows you not only some more flexibility and a bit of a power boost, but you can also "try out" cards you might not otherwise use.

Both of those are nice contributions, but not nice enough to overcome an otherwise dull game. It's like a much slower-moving Thunderstone, and it has an annoying tic where a lot of the Encounter cards will just straight up run away without fighting, based on a die roll. That's incredibly obnoxious.
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