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Totally lichin'
I played Dungeoneer once. It sounded cool: Pocket sized Descent where everybody gets to be a hero AND play evil Overlord-like cards on the other players. But it wasn't cool. It was rather ho-hum.

Each player receives a quest at the beginning of the game and you're trying to complete your quest to win the game. The quests require you to go to a specific room and do a specific thing. You build the dungeon as you play, drawing from a pile of dungeon cards and placing it on the table connected to a room already played. The problem is you can wait the entire game for your card to show up so you can complete your dumb quest, so it's luck of the draw (literally) as to who gets their quest room to come up first.

There is a variant where you lay out all the dungeon cards first, but none of us were interested enough after our first game to give the variant a shot. Also I don't recall the characters really being all that different.

So while the game has some good ideas - everybody's a hero and the villain - the game fell way short of my expectations.
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