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Cthulhu Wars
Board Games 1754
End of Days Destruction with Great Old Ones (Goo!)
Cthulhu Wars is Legit Fantastic! Oh, you already knew that? Sorry, Carry on.

Well now, I guess we get to see what happens when we add a different star editor star score to the mix :) I could (and probably will at a later date) write 1,500 words on what I love about Cthulhu Wars. I've played as all the base factions and shockingly, I liked all the base factions and would play any of them again. Granted, I love DOAM's but this is a fantastic one. I got my onslaught 2 copy (with a fist sized hole in the bottom of the box) for a mere $75.00 at a ding and dent sale. It's a game I will play in a heartbeat and it can go pretty damn quick. Definitely top 10 for me.


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