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Citadels Hot
Board Games 3256
(Updated: September 07, 2018)
Citadels was my first exposure to role-selection and one of the first games we played after getting back involved in the boardgame hobby.

There's a lot to like about this game; the variable player powers of the different roles are fun to use, managing your gold and buildings has a bit of a CCG feel (especially with the buildings with powers) and there's a lot of trash talking and crazy stuff that happens in every game. Bruno is a big fan of working chaos into his games and this one has a lot of it.

We played this several times and it was a decent hit.

Over time, you realize there's a lot less strategy invovled than you think (that whole "Princess Bride" double-guessing game) and it can run long with more players but is less interesting with fewer players--I'll disagree with Steve and say the 2-player version is downright awful.

Anyway, I like the game, we just don't really feel the urge to play it often. That being said I would gladly sit down for a game of it. It ain't perfect, but it is fun. Certainly worth the $20.
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