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Cthulhu Wars
Board Games 572
A ridiculous, glorious game
My group loves area control games / DOAMs. Cthulhu Wars is one of my favorites, and has a pretty comfortable spot in my top 5. It's ridiculously expensive if you are a completionist, but the good news is that the base game alone provides the best experience. I have not tried every new map at this time.

Each faction plays differently, with unique spellbooks that must be obtained by completing certain actions in the game. Summon Great Old Ones, take over territory, roll dice... and few games look this good doing it, due to the over-production that Kickstarter affords.

This is a "boat" game... it's better to have a friend that owns it.
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April 30, 2019
I'm shocked this game doesn't have more comments and ratings, everyone on TWBG seems to have an opinion on it. If it was cheaper and more sensible I'd probably own it tbh...
Gary Sax
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