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Board Games 2626
A disappointing dud.
MH is a disappointingly dry exercise that doesn't live up to the flashy theme and cool minis. It's not even that great a strategy game because the complicated rules and awkward language (threat, trouble, troubleshooting... *snore*) keep the gameplay from becoming second nature and allowing the strategy and/or theme to take center stage. Perhaps it gets a lot smoother once it becomes more intuitive, but I don't have the interest to slog through it and get to that point.

I also think the designers did a poor job of implementing any kind of narrative structure to the game. The combat is thematic, but the stories, headlines, and scenarios have pretty much no flavour to them. The worst offender is the victory points. What are these supposed to represent? I'd be into this game so much more if the end goal was defeating the arch nemesis. THAT'S what super hero comics are all about and THAT'S how a player should win the game.

The downtime while other players are troubleshooting and going through combat can be really, really boring. I watched a combat between Kingpin and Dr. Strange go for five rounds of combat (which is a loooong time -- that's 30 dice rolls plus all the other considerations that go into that combat, plus the troubleshooting stage to get to this point), but it was never tense, or fun, or interesting. It was just long. This is probably best with 2 players so that you're always involved.

Despite my complaints, it's a game I'm willing to occasionally play because I'm a comic nerd and I do enjoy building a hand of villain and ally cards.
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