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Millennium Blades
Board Games 1615
Bring dedication. And try to relax.
This game is great. This is game is DEEP. I would play it a lot more than I do... but lack the access to willing opponents that this game demands. The game alternates between timed deck building modes in which you will throw around wads of paper cash to buy and sell cards, and then tournament modes in which you will put your best 8 card deck up against the other players.

There is no luck, beyond luck of drawing cards you want to purchase. The game deliberately throws too much information at you, demanding that you focus on what you can, and try not to worry about what you can't. This will drive some people crazy, and I don't recommend playing this with AP prone players. There are simply too many options.

Setup and tear-down can be time consuming, since you combine several boosters and expansions into a giant "shop deck" at the beginning of the game.

If you have the players, and the time, there is nothing like this game out there. This is one of those fabled "we wouldn't have this if it weren't for Kickstarter" games, and I love it.
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