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Pandemic Hot
Board Games 3771
More Euros like this would help the hobby
This is a Euro, through and through. An abstracted map, some wooden blocks, stacks of cards, and role selection. Even with all that, the theme is great (diseases are spreading! The CDC is on the scene!), there is a lot of tension as you try to rein in infections, and the player interaction of constantly trying to meet up and exchange cards to quell the next outbreak makes this a "secret AT game". You can play with the Euro crowd and get away with it--they'll never notice!

I like the components--the dark world map looks nice compared to all the Risk map clones out there. The cards are decent enough stock, and the cubes, are well, quite wooden I guess. They're wooden cubes, there's nothing to harp on. I wish the board was a little bigger, just because it can get a little confusing when an epidemic starts spreading cubes everywhere. Well produced rulebook, too.
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