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Risk Express
Board Games 2429
Risk Express is a Winner!!!
I am a huge fan of games like "Can't Stop" and "Liars Dice" and I am here to tell you that "Risk Express" has joined the ranks right along with those two bad boys of dice tossing madness!!!

The game has passed with flying colors with all who have tried it including young kids and rowdy gamers and including those that don't like Risk!

The product is top notch! The package is unique, portable and serves as a dice bowl. The dice are great and the rules are fantastic, although they are in German!

The game is highly competitive, loud backstabbing fun as you all compete for the most points in conquering countries.

Simple, competitive,loud fun that is like craps but more interesting! For a designer that usually caters to "Cube Pushers" its good to see him tip his hat to the beer and pretzels crowd!
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