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Finally reviewing BattleLore
Well, I've been putting off giving a review of BattleLore mainly because I'm not sure how I feel about the game. The recent news of Fantasy Flight Games' acquisition of the title has prompted me to give it a shot.

When I first got BattleLore I was really impressed with the game. It was crammed full of miniatures (too full though, as everyone knows about the bent minis) and had great artwork, board, tokens, etc.

Also it changed a lot of things that I was frustrated with in Commands and Colors: Ancients: Cavalry was actually powerful (I know, historically infantry ruled the times of the Romans/Carthaginians, but when I first played CC:A I didn't know that and didn't understand why my mounted units couldn't trample everything under their hooves), BattleLore got rid of the whole evade thing, but made it more difficult for units to battle back. There are no general in BattleLore but you do have the lore council and the lore deck.

Then the Call to Arms expansion came out and you could customize your forces and make every battle really different.

And there's the monsters! How awesome is it to have a hill giant, earth elemental or giant spider in your ranks! Not that awesome. They are really worth the effort to use in battle.

Then as the game got more advanced, the long it takes to set up. Set up time basically equals play time. If I'm going to spend 45 minutes setting up I'd better be playing the game for longer than 1.5 hours.

Then I moved away from my brother and BattleLore has set upon the shelf except for the one time I took it over to my friend's house and we played it. It didn't do much for me, honestly. Instead we play more multi-player games like Descent or games with our wives.

When I first got BattleLore I probably would've given it a 5. A great game, but not a classic. Now I give it a 3. But a 3 instead of a 2, because it may still hold some potential with FFG.
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