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Tales of the Arabian Nights Board Game
Board Games 2682
An Extremely Complicated Chutes & Ladders Variant
(Updated: August 14, 2019)
Played as a gonzo storytelling RPG romp with 4 or fewer awesome players this beast rises from the dead—golden halo shining out against the darkness of existential angst—forms a cult and saves the motherfucking world. Played as a *game* game with dull people who couldn't embellish a narrative skeleton even if you handed them the meat-suit, it remains inert in its grave and goes all Lord of the Flies on fun.

Facts about Tales:

- That which does not enrich you will grant you beatings.

- You can drink your way out of a rockslide.

- Allah says NO.

Optional adjustments for maximum enjoyment:

~ Change time of day at the start of each new round
Instead of waiting for the deck to run out—which never happens—advance time at the beginning of the first player's turn: morning --> day --> night --> morning --> &c.

~ Consider playing to a hard total of Story + Destiny
Rather than having each player choose a secret combination. For example, first person to get S+D=12 can win. (This converts a multi-hour slog into a delightful hour-plus—which means we get to play it more often!)

~ Go more RPG than board game with the statuses
Some statuses can overstay their welcome and/or become unfun when combined with others—don't be afraid to hand-wave them away with a merciful "You have suffered enough."*

~ Only play with awesome people
'Nuff said.

*YMMV, but personally I love getting dogpiled under a mound of crazy statuses—in my last game I was a scorned, crippled, diseased outlaw vizier. HELL YEAH
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