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StarCraft: The Board Game
Board Games 3545
Not Quite a Winner
Starcraft kind of left me cold. First up, it's got incredible production values, some of the nicest minis you're going to find in any game of this type, period.

But it never feels "galactic". It feels claustrophobic, in a bad way. The order activation system is kinda neat, but it seems to cause you to move at the speed of molasses.

Really, it suffers the crime of being far, far too short. You just don't have time to do much of the cool stuff in the game before whoops, hey, someone's met their secret victory condition.

The combat sounds great in theory but the card-based system again left me a little cold. Give me some freakin' dice, baby!

I'd play this again--and enjoy it--but I'm not rushing out to buy this one.
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