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Board Games 1952
The generic fantasy quest game
(Updated: August 12, 2008)
Kind of a European fantasy quest game. You have a modular board which you run around trying to do tasks and quests. There is no fighting each other; it's more of a race and efficiency contest between players to see who can defeat the Evil Overlord (a.k.a. "the Nameless") first. The rule book is the worst I've ever seen, but you can find an (actually good) English translation of it on BGG. It's hard to figure out exactly how strong you have to be to win when you start playing, but when your skill+dice is 13 or higher you have a good chance at beating the nameless.

I just can't get really into it like other fantasy games. Maybe it's the flavorless tasks and quests, or the hokey-looking goofy CGI on the tiles and map. The fantasy world in this game is as thin and generic as I've ever seen. Also, the beardless female dwarf is a bit odd.
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