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Board Games 1758
If you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, get ou
This is a great game, that takes the solitary sci-fi premise of the video-game and turns it around, making it a cooperative dungeoncrawler agaisnt the evil Invader.
The game is quite simple to play, especially for the marines players, just move and shoot, but you can pick up items, guns and ammo as well as use different cards that can help you out.
Meanwhile the invader player is getting all of the fun, managing the ship and all it's critters against those pesky marines.
Be prepared to sweat it out, as this is a highly tactical game if you wish to make it out in one piece. Or if you're having some trouble with the difficulty download the handy mod the FFG chaps put on their site.
Anyways, it's a fun easy game that should be a follow-up to introducing people into the right side of the hobby.
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